Derma+Flex® QS™ Features & Benefits

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Taking the sting out of medical tissue adhesives

Derma+Flex® QS™ is intended for topical application to hold closed easily approximated skin edges:

  • Wound closures
  • Minimally invasive to major surgery incisions
  • Simple, thoroughly cleansed trauma-induced lacerations
  • Cosmetic/Plastic surgery


The Numbers

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Easy Steps to Use

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No Burn. No Sting. No Bacteria

Directions for Use


Screw the Applicator Tip onto the threaded tube in a clockwise direction until the applicator is tight and seated on the tube. The applicator will puncture the foil membrane on the tube once seated and adhesive will be allowed to flow.

While holding the tube upright and away from patient, squeeze the tube from the bottom moving the adhesive upward until it becomes visible on the applicator surface and is flowing freely.

While holding the flattened part of the tube, begin “painting” the area of the skin that requires adhesive in a back and forth motion, covering the entire surface of the approximated skin edges as well as the area around the edges.
Continue to hold the wound edges in approximation until the adhesive becomes tacky. Typically less than 20 seconds.



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